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Shapeways files for bankruptcy!

Updated: Jul 11

Oh dear!

Don't worry, SCC's still operating. 👍

Regarding Shapeways though, well, it's been a good run, Shapeways was how Sparkshot Custom Creations / SCC and many other model makers initiated their businesses.

A few years back we started buying our own 3D printers and doing things 'in-house' at a cheaper price point and operations here continue to expand day by day.

It's a shame Shapeways has had to come to an end, yet where one door shuts another opens.

On this website there are many links to Shapeways' products and also in the PDF catalogue as hyper links, due to the nature of Shapeways' predicament I'd hold off ordering from Shapeways for now in case they can't fulfill things properly. Whether they will honour orders up to a certain date or just close down and run or even be rescued by some other group of investors is unclear at the time of writing so for now I'd order things directly from SCC and as further information comes to light it'll be updated here.

In time the SCC website and catalogue will be re-worked to reflect these changes.

Many thanks to all of you who have Supported SCC via Shapeways up until now and thank you for those who have also supported us directly and continue to do so, it's greatly appreciated.

An article on Shapeways' situation is in the link below.

Oh yeah, extra pictures in the Sparkshot gallery ; )

Many thanks to everyone who has given permission for their pictures of completed SCC models to be hosted here.

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