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What is SCC?


Welcome to Sparkshot Custom Creations. SCC mostly feature 3D printed model railway loco kits and bits that you may purchase, many items are available via the Shapeways website...




...and others are printable 'in house' at a much cheaper price point. 


Most items are for standard gauge in 4mm / 1:76 scale in 00, EM & P4 although many are periodically being re-scaled to cater for everyone.   

Many items are now available in ~2N, 2FS, 3mm,3.5mm H0, 4mm (00, EM, P4), 4.76mm S, 7mm, Gauge 1 as 9.525mm & 10mm scale and some 13.5mm Gauge 3 also.

Almost all the items, components and spares can be re-scaled up or down upon sincere request or in some cases price.  Please enquire about your needs.

Metal etching and laser cut items such as chassis are being worked on also although nothing to offer just yet.

SCC has expanded to include a card based checkout system including some non 3D printed items, modelling tools and craft supplies etc.  This is now launched and items will be added in time.

3D Printing & 3D Design Service

SCC offers a custom 3D design service as commission work suitable for 3D printing that can be undertaken at consideration and cost depending upon what it is and how much time is available here, sometimes for several weeks or months we're too busy yet other times there is an opportunity.  Have a specific locomotive, a wagon or a modification in mind that you've always wanted?   

Please feel free to drop an email at for more information.  

After checking the files many of your own STL 3D Files can be 3D printed here too.

3D Printing 'In House'

SCC mostly uses MSLA detail resin 3D printers for the majority of 3D prints.


If you would like items and loco bodies from the main SCC range to be printed here at a cheaper price than Shapeways then please send an email to for more information pricing and invoicing.

To make rough comparison, the L&YR Class 28 loco' bodies on Shapeways in their FUD/SFDP acrylic based resin materials are hovering around the £96 mark yet here in UV cured MSLA resin they will only set you back £38.89, a price much lower than their cheaper WSF/WNVP material yet at much better quality.

Ordering & Payment Options

There are several ways to make purchases:

If you'd like 3D printed items there are 3 options:

1) - Purchase from Shapeways

2) - Send us an email with your order and address.  You'll receive a PDF invoice with all the information on accounting for Bank Transfer and PayPal options.

3) - Use your card like any other website in the new SCC Store

(for select items only.)


If you'd like one of your own STL files 3D printed or are ordering something non standard such as a design tweak or commission work please use option 2. 

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