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CARD payments & an online store now implimented!

Been a long time since a blog entry's been created, a lot has changed in life over the past couple of years, mostly for the better!

Amongst life's many pursuits and demands on time, feeling your way around website creation isn't an instant process although I'm happy to say the progress made thus far is pleasing.

We've now a proper card payment system that's also a store, to start off you'll find an expanding selection of 3D printed loco kits and modelling tools suitable for building them.

Like most websites simply enter your details and away you go - much quicker and easier. The original ways of payment also stand so nothing's been removed, only added.

This is not the entire SCC range available on card payments, yet in time more will be added.

With this addition also the choice of scales has also been increased dramatically.

For most locomotive kits you can now directly obtain 3D prints in 2mm FS, ~2mm N, 2.54mm TT (1:120), 3mm TT, 3.5mm H0, 4mm 00/EM & P4, 4.76mm S and 7mm 0.

Via Shapeways there are some Gauge 1 and Gauge 3 additions too.

The Sparkshot Custom Creations catalogue price list has been expanded with More products, photographs and scales plus a reformatting to be even neater and easier to use than before.

There's extra pre-Grouping railway items, broad gauge and freelance variations to choose from.

The cover picture shows a screenshot of a freelance locomotive and it's drop

down menu - couldn't be easier. 🙂

So what's next? Well, aside from expanding the range which is a constant you'll have to wait and see! It involves metal though.

I'll leave the entry to the updated SCC catalogue link here:

And the card area link here:

Until next time, I'll leave you with a warm hearted Railway Series send off,

"Dry Rails and Smooth Running" 👋

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