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Freelance 0-4-0 shunters  


These purchases include the locomotive bodies and their details such as smokebox door, buffers, etc.  Product photographs show them mostly in completed states, either built here or by customers to give an idea of their potential, some pictures may show a render of the main body instead.  It isn't yet possible to assign a picture to each variant as there is a limit on the editing tools, for this reason it may default to the version on the entry page yet the 4mm versions will all have a picture that can be used as visual reference regardless of the chosen scale.



Here there are 9 versions in all their scales:


The V1


The V2, V2-B, V2-C, V2-D


The V3, V3-B, V3-C, V3-D


The differences are simply a swap of the tank/boiler fittings and cab designs, other than that they are identical.


V1 - is based on Wilbert Awdry's model he kit-bashed into his character Percy.


V2's  -  are a more realistic take, the 4mm ones are designed to fit the 00 Hornby Peckett 04 chassis.  The two locking tabs for the DCC chip on the W4 Peckett 00 chassis usually need clipping off for the body to fit on, holes are designed to accept the same screws, carefully ream them out first.  Model comes with various details and choice of buffers etc.  Cylinder Shrouds are free with these MSLA orders and are designed specifically to fit around the 4mm scale W4 Peckett cylinders, they aren't included in other scales as standard. 


NOTE: Running plate fronts / buffer beams on the V2's have been extended forward by 3mm’s since some of these photographs were taken like they are on the V3's.


Differences explained:


V3 - Almost the same as the V2 only difference being the smokebox has been raised by 2mm / 6" and the chimney shortened to match the loading gauge.


The B, C & D variations for the V2 and V3 are follows:


B = As standard V2 but with different saddle tank details and bunker

C = As V2-B but with V2 saddle tank

D = As V2-B but with V2 bunker


To view more pictures of the version types within each locomotive type please see the SCC catalogue and shapeways pages as there is a limit here on the amount of pictures that can be uploaded and displayed per product variation.


Taking inspiration from Avonside and other industrials this would make a great Percy if painted green as many like to do, they also look good in other liveries and railway company guises as Sam Ross's burgundy coloured 'Byron' effectively demonstrates.

To purchase the Shapeways versions of some of these models in their materials please look here:


RWS Green Goblin V1 (FUD) 

RWS Green Goblin V2 (FUD)

RWS Green Goblin V2-B (FUD)

RWS Green Goblin V2-C (FUD)

RWS Green Goblin V2-D (FUD)


RWS Green Goblin V3 (FUD)

RWS Green Goblin (METAL)


Picture credits used with permission - model followed by visual description followed by one of their names or handles:


RWS Green Goblin V1 - Painted as Percy - Bluebells5529


RWS Green Goblin V2 - Painted as Percy - Sparkshot, @Jay_racer11, Ben Siddons, Ryan T Shaw, Tom Foster, Andrew Postlethwaite


RWS Green Goblin V2 - Painted in freelance burgundy as 'Byron' - Sam Moss


RWS Green Goblin V3  - Painted as Percy - BennT_23, Suddery Station Master



RWS Green Goblin Shunters ((V1-3) All Variations & Scales)

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