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Scale model body kits of the L&YR Class 28, both Class 11/27 superheated rebuilds and the new build 657 class.  Modified Freelance Mogul Experiment (2-6-0) versions made from the real 28's are available here also, if painted red, many like to make a realistic 'James' from them.


To view more pictures of the version types within each locomotive type please see the SCC catalogue and shapeways pages as there is a limit here on the amount of pictures that can be uploaded and displayed per product variation.


These purchases include the locomotive bodies and their details such as smokebox door, buffers, etc.  Product photographs show them mostly in completed states, either built here or by customers to give an idea of their potential, some pictures may show a render of the main body instead.  It isn't yet possible to assign a picture to each variant as there is a limit on the editing tools, for this reason it may default to the version on the entry page yet the 4mm versions will all have a picture that can be used as visual reference regardless of the chosen scale.

The model has been updated since initial promo' photographs so they are even more accurate now in a few areas.

Please note - the prototype photographs sometimes showed the Smoke-Box to have rivets around the rear, other times the rear and front and other times none at all. For this reason this model has been designed as the smooth type to print better and provide a better canvas. Rivets can be added by buying transfer decals that have physical relief.

You will need hand rail pillars or split pins and 0.45mm rod for the hand rails. To make the accurate positioning and fitting easier, holes have been slightly indented on the body; they just need drilling out.

Couplings are left for the user to decide based upon preference.

To fit the chassis to the body, the rear simply slots in the body at an angle. The front is fixed via a screw or bolt that taps easily and is all that is needed, a nut can be glued in place inside the Smoke-Box Saddle if desired. This body shell can be fixed to several Ready To Run (RTR) chassis with a little tweaking, for the 0-6-0's several have used a 4F and similar to good effect, for the 2-6-0's a Bachmann E4 in reverse position has been used well by several.

Alternatively a specially designed chassis is also available separately via Shapeways


Version differences:

L&YR Class 28 (27 Rebuild) = original belpair type class 28 rebuilt from a class 11/27


L&YR Class 28 (652 New Build) = freshly built class 28's, different front lookouts's, steam chest covers, cab profile and extended sandboxes etc.


L&YR Class 28 (29) - Freelance Variant V1 = Designed for  5' 6" Driving wheels instead of 5' 1" and the front running plate is extended to give space for a Pony wheel.


L&YR Class 28 (29) - Freelance Variant V2 = As V1 but 3 boiler bands as apposed to 4 and the dome moved centrally to accomodate the change.


L&YR Class 28 (29) - Freelance Variant V3 = As V2 but with a simpliefied smokebox saddle.


L&YR Class 28 (29) - Freelance Variant V4 = As V1 but with extended sandboxes similar to the 652 class 28's.


Picture credits used with permission - model followed by visual description followed by one of their names or handles:

L&YR Class 28 (27 Rebuild) - BR Black weathered with lined tender (WSF) - Sparkshot 


L&YR CLass 28 (27 Rebuild) - BR Black clean (MSLA) - Keith Wallace - with a bit of work grafted it to a Bachmann C Class RTR 00 Chassis.

You can read about the build here & his main website here


L&YR Class 28 (29) - Freelance Variant V1 - Black lined red (WSF) - Sparkshot


L&YR Class 28 (29) - Freelance Variant V1 - Red modelled as James (WSF) - Mr_C_Railway

L&YR Class 28 (29) - Freelance Variant V3 - Red modelled as James (MSLA) - Express Rhubarb


L&YR Class 28 (29) - Freelance Variant V4 - Red modelled as James (MSLA) - Bluebells5529






L&YR Class 28's - Body Kits & Details (All Variations & Scales))

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