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These are scale model body kits of Furness Railway 21 / K2 Locomotives.  Abbreviated here sometimes as FR K2.  Some like to paint them blue as a realistic representation of 'Edward'.

The completed entry picture is the initial 4mm / 00 prototype build in the now discontinued (for this model) Shapeways WSF material, details have been improved since to improve accuracy.


SCC loco bodies ordered directly are 3D printed in MSLA resin, the photographs and £37.89 price are for the 4mm (00/EM/P4) versions unless stated otherwise in the variation texts, some of these images have been printed at Shapeways and some here. 


More scales are available via Shapeways SCC range found HERE going up to 0 Gauge, Gauge 1 and in some cases even Gauge 3, more options also in the downloadable SCC PDF Catalogue.


To view more pictures of the variations & scales please see the SCC catalogue and shapeways pages as there is a limit in this store section on the amount of pictures that can be uploaded and displayed per product type. 


These purchases include the locomotive bodies and their details such as smokebox door, buffers, etc.  Product photographs show them mostly in completed states, either built here or by customers to give an idea of their potential, some pictures may show a render of the main body instead.  It isn't yet possible to assign a picture to each variant as there is a limit on the editing tools, for this reason it may default to the version on the entry page yet the 4mm versions will all have a picture that can be used as visual reference regardless of the chosen scale.


You'll need 0.45mm rod and handrail pillars, to make the accurate positioning and fitting easier, holes have been slightly indented on the body; they just need drilling out.   The models come with details such as the boiler pipe, buffers and a removable smokebox door.

Couplings are left for the user to decide based upon preference.  For more information on them please refer to the Shapeways links below or check out the SCC Catalogue Price List.

On the 4mm versions, to fit the chassis to the body, the rear simply slots in the body at an angle. The front is fixed via a screw or bolt (10BA ideal) that with care taps easily and is all that is needed, a nut can be glued in place inside the Smoke-Box Saddle if desired.


Fixed chassis options can be found HERE 


To purchase the Shapeways versions of some of these models in their materials please look here:


Furness Class 21 / K2 (FUD)


Furness Class 21 / K2 LATE (WSF)


Furness Class 21 / K2 LATE (FUD)


Furness Class 21 / K2 PHOENIX (FUD)


Furness Class 21 / K2 Freelance Variant V1 (FUD)

V1 has a different cab


Furness Class 21 / K2 Freelance Variant V2 (FUD)

V2 has the different cab plus splashers are pulled outward flush with the cab


Furness Class 21 / K2 Freelance Variant V3 (FUD)

V3 has the same V1 & V2 changes yet now has

a higher pitched boiler with different fittings


Furness Class 21 / K2 Freelance Variant V3.5 (WSF)

V3.5 like the v3 but with a V4 cab


Furness Class 21 / K2 Freelance Variant V3.5 (FUD)


Furness Class 21 / K2 Freelance Variant V4 (WSF)

V4 like the V3.5 but with a wider boiler etc


Furness Class 21 / K2 Freelance Variant V4 (FUD)


Picture credits used with permission - model followed by visual description followed by one of their names or handles:


4mm - Furness K2 - Indian Red - Sparkshot

4mm - Furness K2 Phoenix - Dark Blue - Railway Mania / Corbs

4mm - Furness K2 Freelance V1 - Light Blue modelled as Edward - BennT_23

4mm - Furness K2 V2 Freelance - Green - Nile from RMweb

4mm - Furness K2 V3 Freelance - Indian Red - Sparkshot

4mm - Furness K2 V4 Freelance - Mid Blue modelled as Edward - Tom Tee Legend

N - Furness K2 - Indian Red - Neggy Potter




Furness Class 21 / K2 Body Kits & Details (All Variations & Scales)

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