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E2 Babby Tombo!  The baby cut & shut E2 range, originally the first one (Clarence) was designed for TheUnluckyTug as a way to create the character 'Thomas' , these retain the characteristic E2 features and proportions for the most part yet give a cute more short & dumpy image, with minor tweaking can be made to fit the Bachmann Thomas, Junior

0-6-0 RTR chassis, Terrior chassis and similar etc.  


There's three types.


A) - Clarence - The rear of the runnin gplate is straightened and the cabsides pulled out etc


B) - The Breakfast Banger, essentially the same as the E2-X V2 only shortened, if painted so can represent the character 'Thomas' in his 1960's rebuild guise.  Running plate is straightened throughout.


C - E2 Baby - Literally a real extended tank E2 cut & shut.


They come with  a detail pack and lose smokebox door like the full length E2's.



Picture credits used with permission - model followed by visual description followed by one of their names or handles:


Clarence - Painted as 'Thomas' - TheUnluckyTug

The Breakfast Banger - Painted as 'Thomas' - Marvin Jerry

E2 Baby - Painted as Thomas in black - LordyLord

E2 Babby Tombo's! (All Variations & Scales)

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