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Caledonian 812 / 652 Class Locomotive Body Kits.  There are options for 4mm 00, Em & P4 cab splasher width settings and with all scales options for riveted or smooth welded smokeboxes.  Each loco body order comes with all 3 smokebox door variations.

Smokebox door type 1 is the smaller original one, Type 2 has an outer lip and Type 3 has the locking dogs on also.  ​The detail packs include reverser rod and lever, cab details, 2 types of buffers, option boiler filler, whistles and both types of safety valves.


If you order a 4mm body from Shapeways you'll notice there is no detail pack due to a complication so they are available seperately for £14 available via email or the Spares & Details section of this website.  If you order a MSLA body kit directly here then it comes with all the details as standard.


To view more pictures of the version types within each locomotive type please see the SCC catalogue and shapeways pages as there is a limit here on the amount of pictures that can be uploaded and displayed per product variation.


These purchases include the locomotive bodies and their details such as smokebox door, buffers, etc.  Product photographs show them mostly in completed states, either built here or by customers to give an idea of their potential, some pictures may show a render of the main body instead.  It isn't yet possible to assign a picture to each variant as there is a limit on the editing tools, for this reason it may default to the version on the entry page yet the 4mm versions will all have a picture that can be used as visual reference regardless of the chosen scale.

Picture credits used with permission - model followed by visual description followed by one of their names or handles:


2x Caledonian 812's - Rivetted 00 - Blue - modelled as 'Donald & Douglas' - Andrew Postlethwaithe 

Caledonian 812 / 652 Class's (All Variations & Scales)

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