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A proper Scc website at last!

SCC has been operating since the back end of December 2015 yet it's taken until now

(05-04-22) to finally complete a proper website that isn't riding solely upon Shapeways' bandwidth. Within you'll find links to Shapeways products, a downloadable Catalogue Price List for MSLA/DLP items 3D printed here and further updates as they happen.

The above pictures are examples of my latest work, interior details for engine sheds & workshops, all 3D designed, 3D printed and painted by me. Thought I'd show them off to kick start the website, makes a nice change from the usual locomotive pictures!

As is usual if you have any questions or would like to make an order please email:

I can't say how often this blog feature will be used but feel free to check once in a while, might just be some interesting developments expressed. :D

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